Save the Ice mourns the loss of our co-founder Dan Fredinburg, who perished during an avalanche on Mt. Everest triggered by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. We have lost a great friend, inspiring adventurer, and, above all, a warrior for the planet. Friends and family have created a The Dan Fredinburg Foundation to honor his memory. 

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    Save the Ice combines adventure and activism to raise awareness about climate change.


    We plan, support, and document high-profile adventures in climate change hotspots across the globe. These gatherings serve as summits for participating social entrepreneurs, millennials, investors, and activists to brainstorm innovative ways to combat global warming, all while surrounded by the natural wonders that climate change, unchecked, may destroy. Documentation of these exciting, often exotic Save the Ice trips - including films, photos, and social media campaigns - raises awareness about climate change beyond the participants, and in a format that appeals to millennials, the very generation that has the most power to make a difference.

    Expedition Everest 

    Mission: Summit Mount Everest to raise awareness to climate change to its highest level.

    Mt. Everest


    Adventure is at the heart of what we do. This adventure will take one of our founders to the top of the world to plant our flag. Keep it NEAT, people. Every bit of conservation that we can do in our day-to-day lives will help Save The Ice.


    Viking Campaign: Circling the Baltic Sea

    Mission: Bring awareness of global warming to the Baltic States

    Stockholm, Sweden to Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania and then back


    The Viking Campaign traced one of the most famous routes followed by Swedish vikings to help repel attacks against the Baltics by Ivan the Terrible. Like the vikings eradicated serfdom and improved living conditions across the Baltic states, on our campaign, we helped spread awareness about global warming. We also spread Neat practices, or any action that Saves Ice such as relentlessly recycling, eating local foods, and using public transportation. 


    First Annual Viking Gala

    Mission: Raise funds and awareness for Carbon War Room

    Brooklyn, NYC


    During our first annual viking gala, we joined forces with hundreds of likeminded vikings in the NYC area to raise awareness and funds for the Carbon War Room.


    Save the Ice: Save the Maldives

    Mission: Film documentary and raise awareness about the Maldives

    The Maldives Archipelago 


    The Save the Maldives campaign brings together nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and investors to move together to raise awareness about the effects of climate change on the Maldives.



    Our expedition will take us from Male, the capital of the Maldives to important locations at risk of destruction due to climate change.


    Additionally, we will work with #LastGlimpse to film a documentary about the impact of climate change on the Maldives.


    To end our trip, we will co-host a New Years Eve event at the W Resort & Spa, where climate change experts and hobbiests will come together to discuss what further actions can be taken by Millennials to prevent the destructive path of climate change.


    Watch this video to get a snap shot of our first viking campaign to spread awareness about Global Warming throughout the Baltics!

    Full video with interviews and tours of environmentally friendly locations coming soon!


    Doc North

    Science and Maker Evangelist

    Dr. Mike North, Co-Host/Co-Creator of Discovery Channel's "Prototype This!", Co-Host of Science Channel's Outrageous Acts of Science, Host/Producer of Discovery Digital's show In The Making; earned Ph.D. in nanotechnology from UCSB, is published in major scientific journals such as Nature; and is most passionate about his nonprofit ReAllocate, which leverages a volunteer network of high-level experts to address real-world problems.


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    Max Goldstein

    Community Partnership Manager

    With over 3 years experience as a community builder for Google, Max focuses on distributing the stories from the team's adventures to inspire better Ice Saving etiquette around the world. His mission won't be complete until we become a carbon neutral, Neat society.


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    Dan Fredinburg

    Socially Responsible Adventurer

    At Google, Dan advises the Google[x] innovation lab on privacy and leads a product management team. In his free time, Dan co-founded an adventure tourism startup that helps indigenous tour guides and is building an co-working space for social enterprises called The Laundry in the SF Mission.


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